My Art Philosophy

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”. Marcus Tullius Cicero.

I’m totally related to this quote. Nature and books are a perfect combination. I’m an introspective person, I like pondering and reading, especially philosophy essays. And often these meditations are reflected on my art.

My favorite subjects are nature and landscapes, because I think that only through nature you can find a reconnection with the cosmos, the universe, the world we live in.

My abstract landscapes have no topographical or realistic references, they don’t come from some specific memories or places. I am more interested in evoking a reality rather than its faithful representation, seeking the truth of the impression that nature leaves on the observer’s mind.

Fundamentally I’m a seeker. My approach is the same, despite the medium used, traditional or digital.

The process is a sort of meditation, an exploration of the unseen, unveiling a sort of transcendent, a hidden universal truth, something archetypical that can connect us and resonate with everyone.

These perceptions, or maybe I should say visions, are evocative, timeless, silent, solitary, ethereal, deep; made of textures and grain, light and dark for the chiaroscuro studies that allowed me to focus better on black-white-grey and values, transparencies, and fading colours for the colorful series. They come through an atmospheric, mysterious and transient nature, an impermanent beauty, but always looking for harmony and with the purpose of a better knowledge of who we are…

To be continued…